Sunday, June 13, 2010

I spy with my Beady eye.......

NINJAS!These ones come to us from mooshoopork over at etsy!
These little deadly fellas are sure to add some KAPOW! to play time. Or Set them next to the door to ward of intruders. Also, over at mooshoopork are some super cute wooden toys! Don't tell the other NINJAS But I kinda like these pirate ladies. My Daughter may get these in her stocking.... This shop is full of awesome goodies! GO SEE! That's not a request, You never know If I am watching you. You can't see me!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

You can't See Me

to give these Ninjas some love. I know they would appreciate it. They may even spare your life for it!

Ninja spotting!

This NINJA is brought to you in part by Who makes the most amazing art! You totally need to hop over there and see!

Along with the Ninja I also LOVE these birds!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I know its been a while

I'm a Ninja and I will tend to disappear from time to time... Some awesome Ninja cats to make up for it...KAPOW!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ninja of the week episode 007

This weeks feature is
She makes fab, fierce and seriously funny puppets for kids and adults! And reading her listings is as good as the Sunday comics! So when I saw that she had made none other than a NINJA TP finger puppet I was so there! My First thought (as you can tell by the heading picture) was that she took my ninja shop and morphed it with my good friend liciabeads beaded tp and Got NINJA TP! GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!

There are many many fun finds in Staceyrecca's shop. She has a Finger, Finger puppet! Mini frogs and even TAMPON finger puppet for those wanting that certain shock value at the next family reunion (imagine that story session with the kids HA)
Swing by her shop and adopt a lil puppet.
For those wanting tp a lil less fierce she has regular 1 ply white.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ninja of the week episode 006

SO sorry about skipping a weeks guys. Got caught up in ninja like business.

This weeks ninja was brought to my attention in etsy chat. It comes to you from

They have come up with an awesome way to get your little ninjas clean with fierce rubber ducky ninja skillz! talk about KAPOW. These Little masked dirt getter's will have your ninjas super clean and ready for action in no time. This shop also has a wide variety of other squeaky fun animals for the bath! ninja kick your way over there and pick out some awesome soaps for your crew.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Suicidal Inbred squirrel birds

A Suicide bird

So, Driving in the car today my husband looks at me and says "birds have gotten stupid." I say "um k?" "Its true!" he says. Then he explains to me how birds when approached used to fly away once a car started towards them now they just sit in the road and stare. Birds are suicidal now he exclaims! Then he says I think they are inbreeding with squirrels!

This made me crack up! But maybe he has a point. I mean flying squirrels and dumb birds. Coincidence?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ninja of the week episode 005

This weeks ninja is a shop i came across while searching for baby stuff. Yeah Im a Mom AND a ninja! Anways, These onsies are so ninja-rific! Cute little ninja babies loveingly sewn onto a onsie. What better way to teach your baby the way of the KAPOW! also has some adorable little ninja plushies for baby. So swing by her shop and add some KAPOW to your etsy cart for baby. These would be awsome original baby shower gifts.