Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ninja on Wicki!

So there is a whole page on THE NINJA on wiki. This is good reading to brush up on and has some pretty interesting facts.
"There is no evidence historical ninja wore all-black suits. Some ninja may have worn the same armor or clothing as samurai or Japanese peasants!"
(good to know considering this NINJA likes to add hot pink to her stealth like ensemble)

Have fun learning all about ninja

Class dissmissed

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ninja of the week episode 002

This weeks Ninja happens to be a Friend I made through etsy a little over a year ago,
Now What would she have that considered "ninja" And I answer, STARS!!! What reputable ninja can walk around without a good pair of stars! And these stars, each one hand beaded by licia, are dainty enough to wear on your ears and to have ready at a moments notice to throw at the enemy. They Come in a wide variety of colors and only Cost $5.00 SO WORTH IT! Or you can get a whole rainbow. is also home to the hand beaded tp! Yeah I said TP! And it is properly Hung on earrings or as a necklace. I mean come on what ninja wants to run out of TP!
She has a wide variety of beautiful jewels too. I highly suggest you scope her scene (check out her shop)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ninja of the week episode 001

This weeks Ninja of the week was found while searching for cool ninja items. I came across many I will hope to feature soon but Being that this is the first feature I truly wanted this one to be it for two reasons


This cute yet fierce ninja come to us from These Little companions are the perfect item for your desk or office. No one will mess with your space while these weapon toting ninjas are on guard. Not into the figurine version? She has cute postcards of these masters of all things lethal. You get 3 for only 4.00 (plus shipping) HOW COOL IS THAT! I think I may get them and frame them for my workspace. Also the shop has adorable polymer beads, buttons and other goodies that I truly hope you check out.
Thanks to for allowing me to feature her awsome ninja's on this weeks Ninja of the week!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coming soon!

Stay tuned for exciting new things to come.