Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ninja of the week episode 002

This weeks Ninja happens to be a Friend I made through etsy a little over a year ago, http://www.liciabeads.etsy.com/
Now What would she have that considered "ninja" And I answer, STARS!!! What reputable ninja can walk around without a good pair of stars! And these stars, each one hand beaded by licia, are dainty enough to wear on your ears and to have ready at a moments notice to throw at the enemy. They Come in a wide variety of colors and only Cost $5.00 SO WORTH IT! Or you can get a whole rainbow.

http://www.liciabeads.etsy.com/ is also home to the hand beaded tp! Yeah I said TP! And it is properly Hung on earrings or as a necklace. I mean come on what ninja wants to run out of TP!
She has a wide variety of beautiful jewels too. I highly suggest you scope her scene (check out her shop)


  1. I love Liciabeads tp earrings. I have loved them almost forever. LOL Now she has necklaces. Her stars are really cute too.

  2. I love Liciabeads! I check her shop a lot. She makes me wish I wore jewelry.

  3. I am also a Licia fan :) Just ordered some custom stars, so excited!