Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ninja of the week episode 004

With Easter creeping up ever so quickly I thought it only appropriate that this weeks ninja is a bunny. These fiercely adorable bunny's come from Maybe you have seen her awesome ball ornament wreaths? Well now she is breaking through with ninja fierceness BUNNY STYLE! These are cute addition to an Easter basket for your little ninja or anyone else. Because who CAN'T use the awesome power of a bunny who can KAPOW anyone who comes near your jelly eggs? Stop by her shop and see these bunny. right now there are only 2 so ya better hurry.
All that said doesn't ninja bunny look like he is about to creep around a corner and whip some unsuspecting egg stealer?


  1. thanks so much!!.....and theres more to come!!
    (i take ninja requests as well ;)
    xo-ninja bunny-hiya!

  2. hmm, despite the colour difference isn't this a copy of