Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ninja of the week episode 003

This weeks ninja is none other than Steppie from

Steppie has what is one of my all time favorite little ninjas. I actually carry an aceo card in my wallet that my daughter has dubbed my "ninja license" that a great friend had sent to me for the holidays along with a matching greeting card. I plan on owning the tote as well one day! These ninja items are so smooth! The ninja simply states " I am a ninja" NUFF SAID! This is must have ninja gear people! So drop by steppie's shop on etsy and pic of your "ninja license"



  1. this is so awesome! thank you for featuring my ninja items! :) and the ninja license is GENIUS. i might just have to make ones that are real "ninja licenses" ;)

    also - i've got some new ninja MESSENGER BAGS coming out soon! they look awesome! i should be listing them soon. let me know if you ever wana grab one :)


  2. ive seen this little ninja around...and i always just adore him!!
    too cute ;)